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Rocks & Landscaping

In 2011 we established this new brand – JKT Rocks! “Yes we ROCK and we do ROCK!”


In a strategic move we decided to focus on the landscaping industry and provide a range of natural stone and soil products and services that no other local supplier can match!


We can currently supply the market with natural stone ranging in sizes.




-          13 and 19mm Brown Decoration Stone (More widely known as Worcester Stone)


-          6.7, 9, 13, 19, 25mm Light Grey Stone (Palmiet Quarry type)


-          6.7, 9, 13, 19, 25mm Dark Grey-Blue Stone (Lafarge Quarry type)


-          Table Mountain Sandstone Gabions, sizes from 50mm to 500mm


-          Table Mountain Sandstone rock for cladding & rock walls in a variety of colours


-          Table Mountain Sandstone Boulders (sizes depends on current availability)


-         Palmiet Light Grey Gabions


-          Lafarge dark grey-blue Gabions


-          Dark Worcester Slate for rock walls or gabion baskets


-          Quality 1st grade Topsoil (without rocks)


-           2nd Grade Topsoil (still with rocks in)


-          Lawndressing


-          Reliance Organic Compost


-          Reliance Bark & Mulch


Products available for both delivery and self-collection. Available as:


-          20kg bags


-          1000kg bulk carrier bags


-          Bakkie or Truck loads


 Please note:

 Table Mountain Sandstone is available as semi-dressed/broken.

Landscapers and other clients are welcome to send workers to our site to pre-select rock in specific colours or sizes that will then be specifically kept aside via coloured flags and delivered for your various sites when needed.

Please note: All rocks are natural products, there might be a slight colour variation from time to time.

 We only supply the rock and not the dressed product or cages.

Please contact us for a free quote or send a request on the Quote Request page